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Stills / documentation available for the following films:

2016  DEDICATIONS - Peter Liechti's unfinished film
2013  Father's Garden
2009  The Sound of Insects
2006  Hardcore Chambermusic
2004  Namibia Crossings
2003  Lucky Jack
1999  The Physicians
1997  Martha's Garden
1996  Signer's Suitcase
1991  A Hole in the Hat
1990  Grimsel
1990  Fuse
1989  Kick That Habit
1987  Three Art Editions
1987  Spring Thaw
1987  Théâtre de l'Espérance
1986  Alpine Forays
1985  Vertical/Horizontal
1984  Summer Hills

  About Peter Liechti:

Presskit Peter Liechti (General: Biography, Portraits etc.)
  (5.16 MB, Zip archive)

Biography Peter Liechti english (RTF)
Biografie Peter Liechti deutsch (RTF)

Photos of Peter Liechti

Ciné-Portrait Swissfilms Peter Liechti english (PDF)
Ciné-Portrait Swissfilms Peter Liechti deutsch (PDF)

Texts and writings of Peter Liechti about his work and positions as a filmmaker




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