PETER LIECHTI (1951-2014)
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MSF - M?D?CINS SANS FRONTI?RES – ein Versuch zum Elend in der Kultur (1999, Documentary, DV, 6')
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THE PHYSICIANS - an attempt at examining the misery in the culture, 1999 (an exploratory text)

For a long time now the most incredible dramas have been taking place “out there” in the world’s so-called crisis areas. They are, to a certain extent, representative of the entire planet. This worldwide attempt to find new order and identity, coupled with an increase in mass migration and violent conflicts, also forces us to seek new standpoints in this country, while revealing quite plainly to us our own undoing, our own wavering “identity” within the world community. Possessed and powerless, we sit at home and watch..

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