PETER LIECHTI (1951-2014)
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A HOLE IN THE HAT (1991, Art video, DigiBeta, VHS, 32')
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The film by Peter Liechti documents the "dedication" of this installation in the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen: Nam June Paik plays the piano to his own audiovisual sculpture, alternately with the free-jazz duo Voice Crack.

"Beuys' Voice - A Hole in the Hat" (1987), which was created for Documenta 8, is an artistic homage to his companion: Joseph Beuys, who had passed away the previous year. In this video installation short sequences of images taken from a mutual performance are shown in staccato-like clips, contrasted with several of the artist's insignia - such as the burning hat - edited with computer-generated sequences. The use of such sequences became exemplary not only for the development of video art, but also for the subsequent MTV and music video generation.

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