PETER LIECHTI (1951-2014)
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SOMMERHüGEL – Inszenierung der appenzellischen Landschaft in zeh (1984, Experimentalfilm, Super-8, stereo, VHS, DigiBeta, 50')
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Peter Liechti gave the title of his film "Summer Hills" a subtitle, namely "A staging of the landscape in Appenzell in ten acts". A landscape is presented here, not as a documentary or a folkloric portrait, but rather in the context of a deliberately subjective perspective. Liechti himself writes: "It has to do with the processing of our experiences, our recollection - shaped by the singular allure of this landscape and a nonconformist existence in a cultural milieu, which can hardly be interlinked with our own interests."

Solothurner Filmtage, 1984

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